Dear students,

Every great event, it has been well said, brings over new thing in to the world. Such an event was the starting of the ‘TEZPUR LAW COLLEGE’ in 1972 by some social engineers. Their mission was to provide legal education, particularly in the northern part of Assam. Though modest and unadvertised was their act, yet created a sensation in the educational history in this region.

     The environment today is totally different from the one in 1972; yet, the mission of the founding fathers of the Tezpur Law College is pursued with the same zeal even after 43 years in the fulfillment of the vision and mission of providing legal education to serve the cause of the human community.

      A society based on justice plays a path breaking role in establishing peace and progress. Legal education, as ‘Justice Education’ in the new millennium has to prepare the law students to become fore runners of the society. We have to prepare you to use your skills and abilities as such for the service to the people. This social thrust will produce great changes in the life of common people of the nation. Therefore, in the interest of the welfare of the society and to facilitate and to contribute to the cause of justice, it is imperative that the legal education and its institutions run in a proper way in order to make law an efficient instrument of social development. Apart from this, in order to make competent our coming generations in the competitive climate of globalization, it is crucial that our society plays a responsible role and unless it is done, our culture and economy may be in crisis or warped. Hence, it is the demand of the time to advance and disseminate the knowledge of law and to make legal education an efficient instrument of social development and the legal institution must grow according to the needs of the society. Keeping in mind the above ideals as also keeping pace with the needs of time, our incessant pursuit for achieving excellence and perfection, and I our commitment to impart higher legal education to the aspiring and desiring Law Graduates, we decided to introduce the post graduate Course of Law ( i.e, 2 year L.L.M Course ) fro the session 2017. It is hopeful that this efforts of the college shall be well come by one and all.

     I take this opportunity to welcome all the students who want to pursue their career in law as well as to be the member of Tezpur Law College Family.

     Let our institute shine. Let us work for the cause.

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep ......”
                                                                                                - Robert Frost

Welcome to Tezpur Law College

Dr. Bhuban Ch. Barooah