Moot Court


Moot court
To organize artificial court for the law students is called moot court. It is a kind of a debate on the specific case decided by the court or specific subject or issue or an imaginary case prepared for this purpose. It differs from a real court. It does not exercise the judicial power of the State. It has no statutory power to decide the disputes between the parties. However, moot court is a very important exercise for a law student.

Importance of moot court
Mooting is considered a specific form of simulation in which students are asked to argue points of law before a simulated court. The students are required to exercise all their skills of preparing and presenting a legal argument with persuasion. Participation in moot courts develops practical skills. It develops confidence in the law students which is one of the most important factors for the success in legal profession. It provides the students an opportunity to draft plaint, prepare written statements and points of arguments and also to frame charges, etc. they may have experience of drafting public interest petition and presenting it before the court. They may learn the art of cross examination and argument which plays an important role in winning the cases. It will provide the students the experience of collecting the relevant cases on the specific issues involved in the cases. It will, thus, enable the law students to be aware of the lawyering process and attain the skill as advocacy. The students get the opportunity to apply the principles of law to the cases assigned to then.
Participation in the moot courts develops not only legal skill but also the presentation skill. It also enables the students to learn the art of persuasion. It gives them confidence to speak before the people. Actually good command over the language, good power of expression, good knowledge of law, good common sense and good presence of mind, all help a lawyer to become a successful lawyer. These qualities are achieved only by practice. The organization of moot courts provide the opportunity to the students to attain these qualities.