Legal Aid Camp



The Legal Aid Clinic of Tezpur Law College was established in the year 2010. The Clinic has been organized to extend possible help to the members of the marginalized society as the guide line is prescribed by the National Legal Services Authority (Legal Aid Clinic) Regulations, 2011.

As per the above regulations “Legal Aid Clinic” means the facility established by the District Legal Services Authority to provide basic legal services to the villagers with the assistance of Para-Legal Volunteers or Lawyers, on the lines of a primary health Centre providing basic health services to the people in the locality and includes the Legal Aid Clinic run by the law colleges and law universities.

In view of the above, Legal Aid Clinic of Tezpur Law College is working like a single window facility for helping the disadvantaged people to solve their legal problem whenever needed. Besides legal advice , other services like preparing applications for Job Cards under (MGNREG) Scheme, liaisioning with DLSA as well as concerned Government officials and public authorities , helping the common people who come to the clinic for solving their legal problems.

It is pertinent to mention  that the Legal Aid Clinic of Tezpur Law College has been working with a most reputed International NGO named by” NAZDEEK” (It means brining access to justice closer to marginalized communities) and a local NGO named by “PAJHRA”(Promotion and Advancement of Justice, Harmony and Rights of Adivasis). We are planning to adopt two (2) Tea Garden (Ada Bari and Hah Chora) to promote the thrust of (Right to Education) in an extensive manner.

It is an appeal from Legal Aid Clinic of Tezpur Law College that the door is always open for any person who is in need of legal aid, they may contact with our clinic, located at Baroholia, Western Road of Darrang College. [Contact No-03712-225912, E-mail])